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Destination wedding photographer Seville

You’ve come straight to our Seville page, meaning you might not have seen our work yet. Let’s make up for lost time!
We are a French couple of picture enthusiasts : a destination wedding photographer and a filmmaker. Two sets of eyes, two hearts, two very different people.
Our thing? Love, of course, but, as you might have heard, love alone is not much, it needs feeding. One of our favourite snacks for love is adventures and travel.

Where is home? In Caen, Normandy (yup, that’s in France)! But our luck today is that no place in Europe is more than a day’s travel away. Especially not Seville.
If you are here, our guess is that you are heading to Seville for the big day, and that you are looking for a good wedding photographer there. We build this page so we can meet, even if we don’t have the luck to call Spain home.
Just giving destiny a little nudge…

So why Seville?
Well, we are happy to document weddings all over Europe, and this one place is in our top destinations. Maybe because we feel it would be the perfect setting for natural films and pictures that speak of true emotions.
Our vision is artistic, we focus on capturing real moments, raw connections between people in an authentic way. Everything that happens when you’re feeling free.
Ok, enough talking 😉 If you are planning your destination wedding in the great Spain, we would be excited to hear about your plans. Like if you’re in the mood for kinfolk, romantic, or if you’re going for groovy and rock-n-roll.

Feel free to contact us if you need to learn more about our approach. You can take a look at our website to see more adventures, elopements or weddings! Check out our blog to see some recent sessions. If you decide that our work is exactly what you’re looking for, then write us something in our contact form!

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